Trinkets, boards & card backs can now be listed in the Official Marketplace!

Until now, the Official Marketplace has been all about card trading – a crucial element of Gods Unchained – but cards aren’t everything. Today we’re activating trinket, board and card back listing as well as streamlining the marketplace experience across both the client and browser versions.

New items up for grabs

Some Genesis era items have been usable in-game for a while – you may have seen a certain weight-bearing (read: world-bearing) Atlas belt grace an opponent’s board from time to time – but with the final NFTs now distributed, all Genesis era trinkets, boards and card backs will be permanently activated for trade from Thursday May 7 @ 5:30pm PDT.

List and Trade

Given this new influx of items, trinket, board and card back functionality has been integrated into the official marketplace. While items aren’t available to trade until the time and date listed above, the ability to list items is now available – giving you the chance to display your wares or browse what’s going in the lead up to NFT trading activation.


Cleaning House

Finally, the browser and game client marketplaces now share the same design, bringing the GU marketplace experience together under one roof. *Sigh* It feels good to tidy up. 

Happy trading, mortals!