Game Update 0.22 – Welcome to the arena

While the imminent launch of Trial of the Gods may be taking up a lot of the limelight, as you’ll soon discover the game team didn’t skip a beat when it came to the release of the latest update.

0.22 has a bit of everything, ranging from improvements to connectivity and server stability, UI tweaks (including a redesigned river), a slick new core game board and over 110+ bug fixes! The team has implemented an array of changes that are set to enhance your GU experience in a bunch of awesome ways. Here’s a closer look at some of the highlights in update 0.22:  

New Features

The Arena Board

A couple of weeks back we previewed a brooding new Colosseum-style board with a much darker aesthetic. Well, we’re pleased to officially unveil it as a core loadout option – for all players – in this update! 

The mood lighting, stone detail, subtle trinket placing… we might be biased but this has quickly become the board of choice amongst the team. Be sure to let us know what you think of the design on Discord after a few rounds of play. 

Note: For now, the Temple board will be taken offline for reworking. Additionally, the Arena board will be accompanied by the Midnight board as a loadout option for all players as part of Update 0.22. Users effectively receive two all-new boards in exchange for one. A nice trade by any measure. 

User Interface

Update to Fatigue

Previously mana gems locked over time when drawing from an empty deck, which reduced player mana slowly down to 0. 

This has now been updated to: At the start of your opponent’s turn, if your deck is empty, you take damage equal to the unspent mana you have left over from your previous turn. Be mana savvy, mortals. 

River Changes

The river visuals have undergone a VFX update. The river now displays a sparkle effect akin to a dwindling fuse and takes up significantly less screen space. Pro tip: hum the Mission Impossible theme for greater enjoyment.

Card Overdraw 

Now if you draw a card and your hand is full, both players will see the card that was attempted to be drawn. The card that was attempted to be drawn will then be obliterated. Poor little creature. 

Card Clean Up

We’ve added something we’re calling “The cleanup step”. This is basically a specific section of game logic that handles the cleaning up of cards after they are cast/destroyed.

Without getting too deep into how the code actually runs, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Moves soulless cards to the obliterated zone
  2. Moves destroyed cards to the void (when spells are cast, they are considered destroyed.)
  3. Resets the current health/durability of cards just added to the void 
  4. Adds any effects related to cards moving zones to the event queue
  5. Adds Afterlife effects to the event queue 
  6. If any effects were added in the previous steps, the cleanup step is cancelled, the new effects are resolved and a new cleanup step is started 
  7. Fully resets the stats of all cards in the void that have not yet been reset 
  8. Triggers any effects that are supposed to occur after cleanup. (Apocalypse Now is a good example, the second ‘destroy all creatures’ waits until this point to trigger.)
  9. Again, if any effects have been added, cancel the cleanup step, resolve, then start over.
  10. If any gods are at 0 health, end the game, if both gods are at 0 health, the player whose turn it is wins. (Previously it was determined by back end logic that wasn’t clear to players.)


Players will now be able to see loading status messages regarding their opponent to better identify any connectivity or loading issues. 

Bug Fixes

A total of 110 bugs were fixed in version 0.22! Here are just some of the highlights.

Reconnect Improvements

  • When disconnecting occurs during God Power selection or Mulligan screens, it now correctly restores the delves 
  • Increased server stability for players reconnecting.

General Issues

  • When finishing Mulligan delve on your turn, you could previously force the end of your opponent’s turn and cancel their Mulligan if they hadn’t completed selection in time. This has now been addressed.

Card Issues

  • Broken Harvester: Fixed an issue where two Broken Harvesters could bypass Frontline creatures summoned by Afterlife effects.
  • Bomb: Fixed an issue where Bomb would not immediately play if pulled into the Hand by another card.
  • Chosen One: Fixed an issue where if the Chosen One was transformed into a different creature, a new Chosen One would not be picked.
  • Patience Priestess: Fixed an issue where some cards buffed by Patience Priestess wouldn’t appear to have Frontline to your opponent.
  • Oni Spellsword: Fixed an issue where some cards would not activate Oni Spellsword’s ability.
  • Hooded Doppelganger: Fixed an issue where Hooded Doppelganger would add a copy of itself to the Void.

 Known Issues

Card Issues

  • First Phoenix and Phoenix Egg have been temporarily unlived due to a known issue, and will be returning in a future update!

Operating System Issues

  • Mac OSX Catalina 10.15 has graphical issues in full-screen mode. These can be avoided by playing in windowed mode.

If your device is running Mac OSX Catalina 10.15, Update 0.22 will get stuck on “Retrieving User Cards”. To fix this you must grant the “gods” application “Full Disk Access” in your Privacy Settings. 

This issue is widely affecting a lot of software on Catalina. You can fix this by following our guide here.


UPDATED: Sunday May 10 @ 9pm PDT

  • Fixed an issue where a card preview could get stuck on the board. 
  • Turn Timer Penalties:
    • Fixed an issue where a player could not remove a previously incurred timer penalty. 
    • Fixed an issue where a player could receive more timer penalties than intended. 

Enjoy the update, mortals!

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