Trial of the Gods: Expansion – Card List Reveal

Today we’re releasing a snapshot of the Trial of the Gods expansion set. The set currently contains 151 cards to collect, with several new token creatures as well. We are not yet announcing a release date.

The full list cards is linked at the bottom of this article, but we also wanted to provide more context around what actually happened so read on…

When working on a game with live updates, it can be a challenge to simultaneously work on small changes and large future releases without having one thing impact the other. During the Genesis season, we didn’t have to worry about that. However, we knew that it could be an issue for Trial of the Gods and for future releases, so we put procedures into place to have some of our work live and public (the balance bundles) while the rest of it was “behind the curtain” while we continued work.

Yesterday, at about 1pm local time, we published an update that unintentionally included Season One cards in our public API. The API is used by website designers and developers to give you, our players, ways to see cards, build decks, and to otherwise have more data. Some marketplaces use this API to create card composites for display, for instance, and we love that. While we had plans to publish Trial cards on the API, we didn’t intend to do it so soon. We have removed those cards from our API now, but the information is out there.

We were made aware of this error overnight, just before 3am local time. By 9am we had initial meetings, and by 10am we were working to roll out the information to everyone, which you can see below. To live our company values here the choice is simple, if some people have access to these cards, we need to make sure that everyone does to maintain an even playing field.

Even if it does spoil a bit of the fun of the rolling card releases.

Some very important information about the card list:

  • Absolutely everything is subject to change. Nothing is final until everything is final
  • All of this data is subject to change before and after the release of Trial of the Gods. As we did with Genesis, Trial of the Gods will have a balance-review period post-release
  • Many card names are placeholders
  • Many cards do not have tribes assigned, but will prior to release
  • The rarity of cards are not final
  • Some cards may be deleted prior to release
  • We may add cards prior to release

We will not be updating this list, even though work continues on the set. So, take this as a snapshot in time.

As always, we look forward to seeing what you think in our discord, and we hope you join us in our upcoming live stream.

Andrea Davis
~ Lead Game Designer

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