End of Turn – Order of Operations

Competitive play is a key part of the Gods Unchained experience. This is the current logic for End of Turn order of operations.

Competitive play is a key part of the Gods Unchained experience, with regular community tournaments and Weekend Ranked events in the Ranked Constructed game mode. 

Here’s the current logic for End of Turn order of operations. This is a text representation of a code-based system. On each of these steps, the order of cards on the board activate from left to right, starting with the active player. 

Initial Phases

  1. First, Sleep is removed: Sleep is an effect where a sleeping creature or god cannot attack until it wears off. This means that if a creature is given Sleep during the end of a turn, it won’t wear off until the end of its next turn.
  2. Then, Summoning Sickness is removed: Summoning Sickness is an effect that’s visually similar to Sleep, but is the specific name for the effect applied when creatures are first played to the board and can’t attack for their first turn.
  3. After that, Burn is triggered: Characters which are affected by the Burn effect will take X damage at the end of their controller’s turn during this step (where X is the number inside the flame icon on the affected card). 
  4. Regen effects are then triggered: Short for ‘regenerate’, creatures with the regen effect heal for X at the end of their controller’s turn. As this is the fourth step in the process, it will apply after Burn – so don’t count on your creatures healing before feeling the burn!

The Cleanup Step

Now, the Cleanup Step commences! The Cleanup Step can also occur at other points in the match, but it’s an important part of the End of Turn sequence.

The following steps will occur:

  1. Creatures and relics with 0 health are destroyed.
  2. Spell cards are pulled from the board to the Void.
    The Void is the graveyard of destroyed cards, and some effects can bring cards back from the Void onto the board, deck or your hand. Both players have a Void and you can click on either to view what’s in there.
  3. After this, Soulless cards are obliterated and where applicable, cards will also have their health set to their max health and strength return to normal – but this is not considered healing nor part of step 8.
  4. Afterlife effects are triggered.
    Afterlife is an effect that is only triggered when the creature is destroyed, before it is moved to the Void during this step.
  5. Events are triggered for each destroyed creature.
  6. Relic Afterlife effects are triggered.
  7. Events are triggered on the relics that were just destroyed.
  8. Any creatures or relics pulled to the Void are now reset to their default stats and keywords. 
  9. Ward is removed from cards that are marked to have Ward removed.
    Cards with Ward are protected from one enemy spell or god power effect.
  10. Check for Win/Loss/Draw. If both players’ gods have 0 health or less at this point, the player whose turn it currently is will win.

If any new events are added to the queue during the Cleanup Step (such as an Afterlife effect), the cleanup will cancel, resolve the newly added effects, then trigger another Cleanup Step. 

Final Phases

  1. Trigger and resolve all “End of turn” effects on cards.
  2. After all effects have activated and resolved, another Cleanup Step is added to the queue and is resolved.
  3. The turn switches over, and your opponent activates their “Start of turn” effects.

Please note: We plan on revising our ruleset to be far easier to understand and predict for all players, and more importantly making every interaction consistent. Stay tuned for further word on that! 

There you have it, mortals: everything you need to know about End of Turn order of operations as they currently exist in-game. Will you use this new-found knowledge to guide you to the top of the leaderboard? Time will tell.

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