The Man Who Sold a Mythic – Interview

For the first time in Gods Unchained history, a Mythic card traded hands on the open marketplace. We caught up with HarryBahlls – the man that discovered the one-of-a-kind Atlas card in a random pack – and went on to sell it for a handy 210 ETH ($31K USD)…

Hi Harry, tell us a little about yourself…

I live in the United States. I don’t remember where I saw the game, but I used to play Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic a little bit when I was younger. I realized the potential of the game, with owning digital NFTs. It’s like when CDs and DVDs turned digital and then streaming. Nobody would believe then how we access media now. I do not think the conversion from physical cards to digital ones is nearly the hurdle people think it is.

I love gaming but I don’t have much time for it. I keep telling people I’m a normal guy, not a whale. I have 5 kids, my fiance and I have worked hard since we were kids and basically live paycheck to paycheck right now. 

I got pretty close to a guy while playing Magic Rush on our phones, and we got tired of paying money to stay relevant in the game, so we decided to learn how to trade stocks together. I learned a lot, but mainly that stocks are regulated to destroy the little guy. With pattern day trade rules, and certain hours that institutions can ‘rip the rug out from under you’ because they can trade, but you cannot.  

My buddy was interested in Bitcoin trading, and convinced me to switch. So I got involved in crypto, which put me on the same playing field as everybody else, where millions of stocks aren’t printed overnight, and I can change positions anytime I want 24/7.

How did you find out about Gods Unchained?

I came across Gods Unchained just exploring what was out there. Gaming is huge, and I love TCG games anyway.

I started buying packs with some earnings I made from [crypto] trading. I figured I’d be able to buy and sell cards, get some cash when needed, and getting in early is ideal.  

So you originally found the Atlas card randomly in a pack? What was your reaction when you saw it turn over for the first time?

I had absolutely no idea I got Atlas.  

I didn’t want to admit I was spending money on something my fiance didn’t understand, while money was so tight. I opened up cards in hiding basically, and got interrupted all the time.

The way the GU site sorts inventory (it defaults to Genesis cards when you’re looking), means that Atlas never showed up as my rarest card.  So [when i checked] GU decks I thought it was bugged.

The GU team later confirmed that I was in fact the owner!

What made you want to sell the card rather than hold onto it? 

I decided to sell it because I need the money. I’m sure it will go up in value, but I’ve told some people [on Discord] that I need a new roof and furnace for my house.

My fiance hasn’t been working for a while and we are pretty far behind financially. So selling this card is literally going to put food on the table for my kids next week. 

Will you look to compete in the World Tournament? 

I will definitely try to play in the tournament. I probably won’t be a competitor, but it will be a good time with a few whiskey drinks.  

I’m really drawn to Deception. I have always played rogues, and deception-type characters. Or modified other types to be tricky or unexpected. The team has the foundations set for some really interesting mechanics, and as more cards roll out I think there will be a lot of successful playstyles.  

The meta already changes often, and I’ve seen some pretty neat plays, some dirty cheese, and straight-up, thought out and highly strategized decks.

Final thoughts for people looking to get into Gods Unchained?

At this point I would be more surprised if Gods Unchained did not become successful.

eSports are huge. The issue with adoption will be the crypto adoption, not the adoption of the game. It seems like the team is attacking that head on, going to gaming conventions etc.   

I have talked to a lot of PC gamers who shy away from crypto. They don’t understand it yet. I feel ripped off by many games. You buy items but don’t own them. I have bought characters and items in other games only to have them changed after I bought them.  

Once people realize that Gods Unchained NFTs are private property, and aren’t going to be nerfed, and ETH popularity grows, I believe blockchain gaming will be a natural transition.

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