The Fusing Beta Has Arrived!

 Some simple maths… 2 + 2 = 4. Plain + Plain = Bronze

No, this isn’t a number sequence riddle, it’s the basis for our newly-launched Fusing System (beta)

From today, players will be able to test-drive our future play-to-earn model, by manually upgrading the quality of the Core cards. The kicker? In the near future, cards forged in the fusing process will be fully tradable ERC-721 tokens that you can trade or sell on community marketplaces…

So how does one fuse their cards? Excellent question mortal. Fusing works by combining multiple copies of the same card into a new, “next-tier” copy of that card. 

There are seven tiers to the fusing process: Plain, Bronze, Iron, Meteorite, Shadow, Gold, Diamond. Let’s take a quick look at the Core combinations required to evolve through each tier: 

So, as an example, five Meteorite cards combine into one shadow card, five shadows into one gold, and (you guessed it!) five golds into one diamond. 

As you can see, the Fusing System will allow you to upgrade all the way up to shadow, gold, and diamond Core cards simply by combining your lower tiered cards. 

It’s worth noting that fusing is only available for Core cards during the beta (the feature will become available for Genesis cards at a later date) and any fusing of cards during the beta will not have any impact on the blockchain at this stage. 

We see this as a valuable time to let players experiment with the new Fusing system so jump in and run it through its paces! We’ll continue to add improvements based on feedback and how the system is being best used. 

The Forge    

This is where the magic happens! 

At the top of your client navbar, you now have a newly added “Forge” option which will be your main dashboard for fusing. 

Before we dive into a demo video though we want to point out that we’ve now added sound effects into the main game client! So now you can *swoosh*, *clink* and *whomp* your way across the menu screens with style.  

Here’s a quick video with the new fusing mechanic (+ sound effects):

And that’s it! We encourage you to spend some time with the new system during the beta and then drop by our Discord to let us know what you think.

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