Genesis Board vs 2X Weekend Rewards

Matchup #1: Genesis Game Board vs Increased Weekly Prize-Pools 

In the blue corner, we have the Genesis Board: a fully tradable game-board that evolves with your collection! 

Unique to Genesis owners, this board features a dragon and a shiny pile of gold, which grows as you climb the collection ranks. This means that the Acolyte Board differs from the Priest Board, which differs from the Archon Board and so on. All the way to the coveted Demigod board — a bounty which only 32 players are currently set to receive. 

If this prize is chosen by the community, players will automagically receive a genesis board!

Importantly, this is the first time we’re officially announcing that players will be able to select between multiple game boards! 

In the red corner, we have something for the true competitors: double weekend competition prizes. 

Every weekend, we hold ranked tournaments where we give away valuable loot to qualifying players. If this reward gets chosen, the value we give away to participants will double from what it currently is. Yep. Double. Those who rise to the top of the Arena will enjoy twice the spoils! 

Voting for these rewards only lasts 48 hours, at which time we’ll introduce the next bounty!

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