September 2019


12 Essential Card Mechanics

One of the most often requested help tools from the community is a breakdown of the different card mechanics and

Balancing Blog

Balance Blog – Sept 24 (Overkill)

Hello mortals! Welcome to your weekly balance update. We’ve been really pleased with the current state of the game and

A photo of fusing cards in action.

The Fusing Beta Has Arrived!

 Some simple maths… 2 + 2 = 4. Plain + Plain = Bronze.  No, this isn’t a number sequence riddle,


Wrapped Packs vs Emotes

Matchup #10: Wrapped Packs v Emotes  Option 1: Wrapped Packs Step right up! Welcome to the marketplace!  Would you like to trade your


Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX

Matchup #4: Emotes vs Streamer Signature VFX In the last matchup, Deception proved too cunning for Death, with Ludia just

Genesis Board vs 2X Weekend Rewards

Matchup #1: Genesis Game Board vs Increased Weekly Prize-Pools  In the blue corner, we have the Genesis Board: a fully

Card Sets

Introducing: Genesis Rewards

Greetings mortals!  Whenever we release a new feature, we invest a lot of time compiling and sending around feedback that