War Trinket vs Nature Trinket

Matchup #2: War vs Nature Trinket Set

For round two of Genesis Rewards we’re pitting old foes against each other.

War will face off against Nature to see whose unique set of trinkets will make it into the game first to take the board by storm.

But don’t take our word on who to vote for, we’ll let the Gods do the talking…

God of War: ‘Life is a journey, and you’ve reached the destination…’ 

It’s time your board looked as sharp as your blade. Vote here to prioritise the development of the majestic Crown^… or else! *scowl*

.God of Nature:‘Victory is in bloom…’  

Remember your roots and vote now to prioritise the development of the awe-inspiring Nature trinket, the mystical “Bugs Rest”^ … trust me *wink*

The Crown and Bugs Rest trinkets are the first in their respective God sets. The remaining trinkets in the set will be revealed and awarded based on your rank.

Whichever one gets voted for by the community, will find its way into the game in short order.

Remember, voting for these rewards only lasts 48 hours, at which time we’ll roll out the next bounty – so cast your votes now!

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