New Game Modes

Part of the balancing beta is the opportunity to introduce and experiment with new game modes!

The development team has listened to community feedback and analysed game data to devise some new modes that aim to:

  1. Reduce match queue times
  2. Reward play with a wider variety of cards, and encourage experimentation with different card combinations
  3. Provide a way for players to showcase skillful play
  4. Introduce new prizes and ways of unlocking XP

The end result is a variety of static and rotating game modes. Here’s a quick overview:

scroll between static and new ‘rotating’ modes


These are the traditional bread & butter modes available to players:

Ranked: Build your own deck and face-off against other players to rise the ranks

Solo: Vs AI


These modes will be rotated daily every 5-hours* in order to minimise queue durations:

  • Quick Sealed & Ranked Sealed

Sealed Rules: Open a pack and build your best 30 card deck from 35 cards.

choose your thirty

Unlike draft, there is no elimination process.

There will be various ranked versions (see below) that appears on rotation several times a day.

  • Quick Draft & Ranked Draft

Draft Rules: Players pick 5 cards out of 10 each turn.

7 draft phases, choose wisely

Repeated until 35 cards reached. Deck refined down to the best 30.

Similarly, there will be a ranked version on rotation.

new ranking system with increasing grades
  • Weekend Ranked Draft (coming soon)

Weekend Rules: Same as Constructed, however, now there is a “weekend rank” which updates each match.

At the end of the weekend players get bonus prizes based on their level of growth over the course of those days. I.e. The higher the rank, the higher the reward.

*Be sure to check the blue countdown timer under the mode title to see how many hours before rotation

keep an eye on the countdown clock

So that’s a super quick intro on the new modes – go and check them out! Have a great idea for a new mode that you’d like to see in the game? Drop us a message on Discord!

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