Update v0.11 – Release Notes

Version 0.11 is now live for existing beta testers! Here’s what we’ve updated:

New 1st / 2nd Turn Mechanic

One of the things you’ll notice in this update is a new Bag of Tricks card. This new version aims to improve balance and eliminate unfair competitive advantages which support players based on whether they play first or second.

In designing this system we asked, “how can we take systems found in other TCGs and reduce how heavily playing first or second impacts the win rate of specific decks.”

In the new system we designed, the first player gets to choose between 3 cards in their Mulligan, and receives a Small Bag of Tricks. The second player gets to choose between 4 cards in their Mulligan and receives a Large Bag of Tricks.

We wanted first and second players to have very similar tools. If your deck relies on boosting out a 6 mana creature on turn 6, you should be able to do that without having to go first. If you need a lot of cards in hand to pull off a combo, you shouldn’t feel bad when you’re selected to go first. We think this new system will go far in accomplishing our set goals.

We have had lots of great ideas on how to ensure the second player gets a fair chance whilst keeping it simple for new players and sufficiently deep for more experienced players. Please share your feedback with the design team!

New Keyword: Leech

A creature with Leech heals its controlling God for Health equal to the damage dealt. If an attacking creature with leech has more attack than a defending creature has health, the attacking creature will only heal its god for the defending creatures lost health.

New Keyword: Ward

Cards with Ward are protected from 1 enemy spell or god power effect.
If the source of an effect is a spell or god power, it does nothing to the card with Ward. If the source is a creature or relic, it is affected as normal. When a creature with ward is impacted by an enemy or friendly god, the spell or god power will be successfully fire, but no effect that impacts the creature will occur for the duration of the spell resolving. Once the spell or god power has resolved, Ward is removed from the creature.

If a spell has two simultaneous effects on the target, Ward will block both of them.

Ward will only protect a unit when it is on the board; it will not protect card in your Void, deck or hand.

Ward will not protect your units from your own spells or effects. For example, a spell with “Deal 2 damage to a creature, the destroy everything on the board.” if all creatures on both sides of the board had Ward. All enemy creatures would be unaffected and all friendly creatures would be destroyed, no matter the target.

Ward does not stack.

New Keyword: The Chosen One

An example of a chosen one effect is: “Give the Chosen One +2/+2.”

When a “Chosen One” effect is played and there is no chosen one in any of the player’s zones, a creature in your deck is selected as the “Chosen One”. The +2/+2 effect will then be aimed at the Chosen One.

If that effect were to be played a second time and the chosen one is in any of the player’s zones it will still target that creature.

A creature loses “The Chosen One” when they are killed, as destroying a creature resets a card to its default state.

If the chosen one is obliterated for any reason, it loses the chosen one.

Other New Features

  • New animations for card actions in the hand and on the board.
  • New VFX for Keyword Burn


  • Fixed: Audio interruption when loading into game.
  • Audio now follows 3D camera position.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Game Server shutdown issue where it would not terminate correctly.
  • Over 100 card and mechanic specific issues resolved!

Added 139 New Cards


Ancient Curse




Osiris, the Eternal

Natural Selection

Spiral Golem

Pocket Channeler

Pharaoh’s Body-Double

Arcane Transcendent

Gleeful Pillager

Synergy Golem


Raze Imp

Pilgrim of the Cause

Corrupt Ceremony

Lara Grim, Spellthief

Death Masque

Underhand Thug

Dread Queen Persephone

Mirror, Mirror

Wizened Warlock

Will O’ Wisp

Dense Fog

Balance Summoner

Highborn Knight

War, Incarnate

Thresher Bug

Deathwish Thanetar

Canopic Hoarder

Guardian of the Gates

Outcast Amazon

Spelljam Shaman

Advocate of Brilliance

Dragon Tooth Warrior

Spirit Animal

Avatar of War

False Peace

Revenant Lynx

Dick Puddlecote


Guerilla Sabotage

Lightfoot Informant

The Harvester

Raiding Kraken

Engaged Enchanter

Warp Engineer

Lord of Whispers

Well of Power

Pyroclastic Alchemist

Devout Cleric


Identity Thief

Heads or Tails

Fill the Coffers

Archimedes Mirror


Avatar of Magic

O Fortuna

Backstreet Bouncer

Light’s Bidding

The Iron Horse

Blessed Chimera

Umber Arrow

Street Conjuror


Cryptic Shield

Orax, Shield of Pain

Triumvirate Prophet

Enduring Shield

Zaxiom, Cryptic Panther


Hector, Prince of Troy

Anti-Magic Expert

Helian Blademaster

Echophon, Atlantean Hydra

Svart Basilisk

Phase Touched Golem

Illuminated Warrior

Choralis Rune Moth

Oni Spellsword

Mana Bind

Odin’s Warcry

Odin’s Blessing

Exchange: Time

Exchange: Inspiration

Give Soul

Give Mind

Story Of The Spear

Story Of The Shield

Boon of Passion

Boon of Vitality

Take To The Sky




Spells and Swords

Foes and Fiends





Unstoppable Horn

Unbreakable Hide

Daughter To Ares

Queens To Amazons

Reveal Power

Revel Truth

Draw Strength

Draw Insight







Venom Salve

Venom Potion

Wake Up

Lash Out

Throw Everything

Throw Almost Everything

Trap the Battlements

Trap the Battlefield

Left Hand

Right Hand

Destroy Them

Destroy Everyone


Summon Acolyte

Chosen Visions


Mind Probe

Dryder Sailweaver

Reanimated Corpse

Large Bag of Tricks

Small Bag of Tricks

Aching Disciple

12 Card Removed

Siren of the Grave

Eternal Servant


Fertility Idol

Hooded Doppelganger

Sit Down!

Ferocious Rougarou

Dart Maniac

Aether Vanguard

Veteran Archer

Void Flash

Bag of Tricks (old)

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