It’s official. Etherbots have invaded the Citadel and are manifesting themselves within the Gods Unchained universe. From now until the end of time, players can use their existing Etherbots parts to collect the Etherbots’ promotional set consisting of 16 cards.

  • Starting today, players can claim 4 Etherbots Promotional Card Packs in Gods Unchained for every 4 eligible Etherbot parts they own.
  • You do not lose your Etherbots parts by claiming packs.
  • Etherbots parts are eligible if they were created before part 18214. and have not yet been used to claim cards. If you’re purchasing parts on the Etherbots marketplace, eligible parts will be marked “GU Eligible”.
Etherbots parts eligible for claim.
  • For every shadow or gold part used, there will be one shadow or gold Etherbots Promotional card included in each pack.
  • For every Lambo or Ancient Protector used, there will be one Legendary Golden Golem included in each pack.
  • Probabilities for all other cards are as follows:
    • legendary (3%), epic (8%), rare (22%), common (67%)
    • plain (93.8%), shadow (5%), gold (1%), diamond (0.2%)
  • Finally, there is no deadline to claim Etherbots packs. You’ll always be able to claim them on our website or via the contract.

Finally, behold the full Etherbots card collection.

If you have parts ready to exchange, you can head over to our promotional page now to claim your packs. If you need to pick up some parts because you’re lacking in the robot department, go check out the Etherbots Marketplace and pick up some loot from another player.

Happy Hunting,

Mod Perks