Welcoming our new VP of Product, Nic Watt

We’re excited to announce and welcome Nic Watt as our new VP of Product.

Nic most recently worked at Riot Games as Lead User Experience Designer for League of Legends. Prior, he had worked as a lead designer at EA, and founded his own studio, Nnooo, which he was involved with for nearly 12 years.

He will be responsible for directing the product development of Gods Unchained and Apollo, with an obsessive focus on the experience of our users.

One of the biggest challenges for onboarding new users will be the inherent complexities that come with using blockchain technologies. Designing intuitive games and applications is a challenge, crypto makes it exponentially more difficult. Nic’s approach, holistic vision, and attitude towards experience design impressed us early on. In the last 3 weeks he’s demonstrated his abilities exceptionally, and we believe he will be instrumental in many areas including helping us noob-proof ethereum.

Welcome, Nic!

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