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End of Quarter Update

We’ve come a long way over the last month developing some awesome improvements behind the scenes (while interviewing of 💯’s of candidates for our open positions). I want to start…

Etherbots Have Arrived

It’s official. Etherbots have invaded the Citadel and are manifesting themselves within the Gods Unchained universe. From now until the end of time, players can use their existing Etherbots parts…

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Welcoming our new VP of Product, Nic Watt

We’re excited to announce and welcome Nic Watt as our new VP of Product. Nic most recently worked at Riot Games as Lead User Experience Designer for League of Legends….

Update: March 6th, 2019

Beta Progress + New Invites We will be adding over 100 new closed beta testers over the next couple days. One of the conditions for open beta has been server…