Update  - August 10, 2018

Note: This was originally posted to our Medium on August 10th, 2018.

Today marks the one month anniversary since our announcement of Gods Unchained, and we have been blown away by the positive response so far. A huge shout out to the amazing community members that have joined us so far, we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Starting today, we will begin posting regular updates to keep our community informed with all major (and non-major) GU news and information. So without further ado…

1/2 Million Cards Sold ????

Yup! We now have over 500,000 cards in circulation throughout the Gods Unchained universe. For those of you who are not already aware, you can find statistics about the rarity of each card on our updated genesis set page.

Tournament Passes: SOLD OUT

All 20,000 tournament passes (initially found in Legendary+ packs) have been distributed to players, and the tournament prize pool now stands at $285,000 USD. If you weren’t able to get yourself a ticket, don’t worry, we will announce official trading channels in the future so you can purchase one off another player.

The $60,000 Beast ????

Hyperion, the first one of a kind Mythic Titan in existence was sold at auction last week for 146.27 ETH (~$61,000 USD). This makes Hyperion the second most valuable TCG card in the world, just behind MTG’s 25-year-old ‘Alpha Black Lotus’. There are still 2 Mythic Titans that have yet to be found in genesis packs.

New Help Center ????

We just began adding guides and FAQ’s to our new help center! We will be expanding this dramatically over the coming month to provide easily searchable answers to some of the most popular questions we get in our live chat and Discord.

Tribe Filtering + Card Stacking ????

We’ve stacked all cards of the same type in your inventory for decluttering purposes, and added filtering options to view cards of the same Tribe.

GU API ????

We’re rolling out an alpha version of our API for anyone interested in building third party tools! We’ll be gradually releasing more documentation/upgrades in the coming days, but right now you have access to some sample queries to get started. You can find these queries in the #dev channel on our Discord, and everything will soon be moved to Github. If you have an idea about ways we can improve our API, please let us know!

Lions and Tigers and Streamers, oh my.

If you haven’t done so yet, go follow Gods Unchained on Twitch! A few of our amazing community members have already began creating content, and we have some streaming surprises lined up and in store for the future.

translation ~ 翻訳 ~ traducción ~ 翻译 ~ переведите ~ 번역

Finally, we’re going international! We will be rolling out translations in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish starting this weekend!

Stay tuned for future updates by joining us on TwitterMedium, and Discord!

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