The powers of Aeona, the Goddess of Nature.

If you’ve ever dealt with wild animals, you’d know how difficult guessing their next move can be. Well, matching up against Aeona can feel a lot like that. Her powers demand quick thinking and flexibility from both sides. But if players are skilled enough to redirect the turbulent river that is Nature, they will be rewarded with a constant torrent of mana and some of the most powerful beasts in the game!

So join us as we take a walk on the wild side and explore Aeona’s God Powers.

Keep in mind these powers are subject to change as we go through more testing.

Aspreviously covered, each god has four “Basic Powers” to choose from at the start of a match — usable once per turn as a valuable counter to your opponent’s deck. Aeona’s are as follows:

Animal Bond: Your call echoes throughout the realms with no telling who will answer. At last, a wild disciple steps forth, disorientated from his journey, but eager nonetheless. Animal Bond draws parallels to Thaeriel’s Summon Acolyte — unlocking an infinite supply of creatures. Of course, unlike the latter, the stats of this creature are randomized from a set: 2/1, 1/2, 3/2, 2/3, 4/3 and 3/4. Get lucky, and your board state will be eternally grateful.

If the odds aren’t in your favor, you’ll receive our generous consolation prize: (partially) refunded mana. It’s a bit like receiving store credit for something that doesn’t quite fit, except its ferocious beasts and the potential to cast additional spells to crush your opponent — ok, it’s nothing like that. I tried.

Forage: A wealth of exciting and unpredictable natural resources can be found in Eucos. Forage allows Aeona to tap these resources to send a random nature card to your hand ready to be cast. Those well-versed in strategy know how pivotal card advantage can be — and this power calls out to newer players to explore Aeona’s vast collection of cards and to veteran player to maximize that advantage of any given card.

Flourish: If you prefer to focus on creatures you have selected from your deck, Flourish is a great tool for increasing their effectiveness. Naturally (see what I did there) there is some uncertainty involved, but with enough creatures on board, it is bound to pay off. The seasons may change, but your creatures only get stronger, whether in attack or health. There are whispers you’re putting something in the water…

Leech Life: Most of Aeona’s powers grant you an endless supply of something (cards, creatures, buffs). Well, Leech isn’t about to spoil the party. It provides you with an infinite amount of health, which tends to be useful in a game where you have to stay alive. Additionally, skilled players can tilt the odds of randomness in their favor by using creatures on the board to remove everything except the best targets.

Wildness: Finally, the ultimate. The power which can only be used once per game if selected, but can propel you to victory if used correctly. Wildness is bound to devastate your opponents, inducing mass confusion and crippling any creature heavy decks, particularly aggressive ones. But that’s not all. With two replenished mana crystals, your turn is far from over, providing a guaranteed tempo advantage. The beauty of nature is indeed a wonderful thing… and the best part? It won’t cost you a dime to behold. That’s right, Wildness will cost ZERO mana.

So, will you answer the call of the wild?

Or are you not so in tune with nature…

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