God Powers – Magic

The powers of Auros, the God of Magic.

With the God of War, Auros, roaming the battlefield, someone needs to step forth and show some intellect. Who better than Elyrian, the God of Magic, and his school of studious disciples? An expert clairvoyant and master planner, his powers are bound to win your devotion.

Keep in mind these powers are subject to change as we go through more testing.

As previously covered, each god has four “Basic Powers” to choose from at the start of a match — usable once per turn as a valuable counter to your opponent’s deck. Elyrian’s basic powers are as follows:

Clear Mind: All things can be enchanted — even destiny. Clear Mind lets you look at the top two cards of your deck and choose to keep both cards on top, send an unsuitable card to the bottom, or bury both cards in the bottom. A great way of sifting through your deck to prepare the perfect draw.

Remember: the fate of no mage is sealed.

Discovery: Perhaps you’re looking for more than just a crystal ball. Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more decisive. Well, if this sounds like you, get out your spellbook and mark the page headed Discovery. This ability allows you to look at the top three cards of your deck and choose one to put directly into your hand this turn.

Note: Apprentices should exercise caution, at 4 mana, Discovery is only suitable when time is on your side.

Mnemonic: Who pays full price for a spell? Ha. Not you. Mnemonic lowers the cost of your favorite incantation so you can get ahead of the curb. At just 1 mana, you can speed up the game with cheaper spells, or efficiently bank any unused mana at the end of the turn. Either way you plan to play, this flexible ability will allow you to keep pace with any opponent.

Magebolt: Does all this talk of planning make your head hurt? Fear not. Even the most adept scholars let their hair down. So, kick back, relax and heck, blow something up. Why not?

Mindless smashing is normally thought to be the domain of War, but when it comes to dishing out consistent damage, Magic offers unparalleled flexibility at the cost of mana. The direct damage of Magebolt can go anywhere, hit anything. While Auros has to fight through walls of enemy creatures with Frontline, Elyrian always has a direct path to any creature, and of course, the opponent God’s face.

Finally, Elyrian’s ultimate power… a power which can only be used once per game, but has devastating potential when played correctly.

Metamancy: Behold… the life work of a dedicated scholar. Metamancy is perhaps the most powerful ultimate in the game, and allows you to choose two effects from a variety of options, each as devastating as the last:

  • Summon a 4/4
  • Unlock a mana gem
  • Deal 4 damage to anything
  • Deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures
  • Foresee 3 and draw 1
  • Draw 2 cards.

6 delightful choices, pick any two for just 5 mana. The only real trade-off is not having access to Elyrian’s other powers.

So, have you been enchanted by the powers of Magic?

Or do you resonate more with the darkness of Death… ⚰️

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