Powers of Ludia – the Goddess of Deception

After listening to our series on God Powers, Ludia crafted her own abilities to counter the competition. Now, following much negotiation, she has agreed to let us reveal them to you, in the final installment: Deception.

Keep in mind these powers are subject to change as we go through more testing.

As previously covered, each God has four “Basic Powers” to choose from at the start of a match — usable once per turn as a valuable counter to your opponent’s deck.

Thievery: What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is… still mine. For 1 mana Thievery lets you look at the top card of your opponent’s deck. You can move this card to the bottom of their deck and copy it to the top of yours.

Of course, this can clutter your deck, and delay drawing the cards you need. But a little self-sabotage is all part of Deception. Your enemies aren’t going to drink the poison if they don’t see you take a sip first.

Pawn: Eucos is filled with pawns. Let’s play a game with them.

The ability to play cards throughout the match, without losing pace, determines many duels. And at 1 mana Pawn might be the cheapest draw-mechanic on the market. Unfortunately you can’t choose which cards to lose. That’s okay. In the world of Deception, all things are expendable.

Flip: Flip mutates your creature — inverting their stats and buffing them with +2 Attack. Deception is all about playing mind games with your opponent, and what better way than transforming the creature they’re up against?

Memory Charm: Obey her command. Or suffer. Memory Charm forces your opponent to move a card to the bottom of their deck (and take 2 damage if they cannot). A great way to drain your opponent of their precious resources. Manipulation with a sprinkle of destruction. Classic Ludia.

Treachery:Ludia’s ultimate is as savage as they come. Treachery sends your opponent’s army into mutiny and puts the survivors to sleep. Watch as enemies murder their companions and awake to think it was but a dream. Some say heartless. Others say efficient.

And with that, our series on God Powers comes to a close. We can’t wait to see your decks in action when beta goes LIVE in the coming weeks.

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