God Powers – Death

The powers of Malissus, the Goddess of Death.

Betrayed in the light of the Citadel. Reborn in the darkness of the Void. Death has a name. And she is calling yours…

Evening, shadow-dwellers. Today we present the powers of Malissus, Goddess of Death. Use dark ceremonies to draw cards, demolish creatures, and even reanimate the fallen. Just remember: everything comes at a price.

Keep in mind these powers are subject to change as we go through more testing.

As previously covered, each God has four “Basic Powers” to choose from at the start of a match — usable once per turn as a valuable counter to your opponent’s deck; or you may instead select an “Ultimate” God Power, a more powerful ability which can only be used once per match. The powers of Malissus are as follows:

Blood Scry: Shadows trade in the currency of corpses. For 3 mana Blood Scry lets you draw 2 cards, a mechanic which can prove critical late game. As every duellist knows, more cards mean more options.

Of course, there is the small matter of the aforementioned corpse. Ah yes. In order to use Blood Scry you’ll have to sacrifice one of your creatures. Not to worry. Your subjects are always willing to die. And if not… well… who cares?

Soul Burn: The night! It burns!

Shadows scorch even the most skilled necromancers. For 2 mana Soul Burn deals 3 damage to each God — including yours. A great finisher, so long as you’re ahead.

The weak fear suffering. The strong wield it.

-Malissus, Goddess of Death

Reanimate: The void is not empty. It has never been empty. For 1 mana, and 2 creatures, you can summon a minion from your void with equal or less combined mana cost. Of course, there’s a catch. Your reanimated creature will be obliterated upon death instead of re-entering the void.

So choose wisely, you can only Reanimate something once before it’s lost.

Undying Wish: A minion, inside a minion, inside a minion. At 3 mana Undying Wish is the best insurance policy on the market. Whether you need creatures to sacrifice, or want to be more aggressive in combat, this power offers fantastic value.

Demise: The end is nigh. Behold, the ultimate prophecy of Death: Demise. Usable once per match if selected, for 5 mana, pick one of the following:

1) Destroy target creature and deal 3 damage to your opponent’s God.

2) Destroy 2 target creatures.

3) Destroy all creatures and deal 3 damage to your God.

Whatever you choose, things die. I know, God of Death, shocking. But each branch of Demise has its own situational advantages, and the flexibility provided ensures that you can take advantage of any board state.

While all of Malissus’se power require additional sacrifice (or your creatures, or your own life), never underestimate the power of synergy. A timely Afterlife effect can easily tip the game in your favor.

So there you have it. The powers of Malissus. But if the brutality of Death isn’t your style, don’t worry. Ludia is right around the corner.


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