February 2019

Update Release Notes Banner Image

Update v0.10 – Release Notes

Version 0.10 is now live for existing beta testers! Here’s what we’ve updated: 28 New Cards Siren of the Grave


The Evolution of Art

It’s no secret that the art department here at Gods Unchained spends an enormous amount of time and energy producing top-quality art


AMA Answers

You had questions, we have answers.


How to Register for the Beta

Our game is currently in closed beta, and will be opened to all who have purchased packs soon. To ensure

Gods Unchained Gameplay

Gameplay Trailer & Beta Updates

Here it is, our official gameplay trailer! When we set out to build Gods Unchained, we had three simple (yet ambitious)


Our Mana System

The Gods Unchained Mana System, designed by ADWCTA


1 Million Cards

This article was originally posted to our Medium on September 28th, 2018. As of Feb 11, we have sold 3.2


Update – September 12, 2018

Hello, majestic creatures. Here to give you some brief updates on new stuff in the wild wacky world of Gods