Deception vs Death: Genesis Rewards Trinket

Matchup #3: Deception vs Death Trinkets

Auros and Aeona, ultimately futile in their attempt to capture victory have been replaced with two new challengers.

Round three of Genesis Rewards we’re pitting new foes against each other. Deception will face off against Death, in a battle for the ages to see whose unique set of trinkets will make it onto the battlefield.

Option 1: Deceptions Gauntlet

Ludia is at it again, bringing with her a gauntlet of chaos and trickery. A concoction of horror, this is kool-aid you’ll want your enemies to drink. Showcase it on the side of your board to show tribute to the Goddess of Deception.

Option 2: Deaths Jar

What do you think the Goddess of Death does with the creatures her followers slay… oh… puts them in a jar of course. Voting on this trinket will award the followers of Malissus with a trinket that is sure to cause some stares, and pain the enemy to look at.

Remember, voting for these rewards only lasts 48 hours, at which time we’ll roll out the next bounty – so cast your votes now! Whichever one gets the most votes by the community, will be in the game for launch.

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